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Q: How does your Preferred Partner Network work?
Q: How does your Preferred Partner Network work?
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A: When things happen, Hippo is here for you. That is why we have partnered with quality, vetted, and insured contractors to take the headache out of the process and reach our mutual goal โ€” getting you back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Should you think you have a claim, give our Claims Department a call immediately, and we will match you with the right vendor for your specific needs and area. Our Preferred Partner Network Program is very simple โ€” itโ€™s mainly three steps.

  1. Our Partner reaches out to you to schedule and performs an inspection of the loss and damages.

  2. Your Hippo Adjuster will then review the inspection, estimate, and coverage information and reach out to you to review.

  3. Should your claim need repairs, our Partners are ready to assist and can begin work immediately.

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